Let me quickly introduce myself. I'm a tech journalist that's worked for Gizmodo and MacRumors in my past, with Wareable in my present. I'm also the founder and editor of a little movie site called Swiftfilm.

This site is something different. I'm not reporting anything here, and I won't be grinding on daily news and movie trailers either. This place is a place for ideas, whether that be my musings on theme parks and movies or a place to ponder where technology is going.

At the same time, that's too much of a potpourri. There's no central theme or idea that makes everything fall into place, which can potentially be annoying. At the same time, segmenting things too rigidly can be boring and limiting creatively.

That's why you'll see only three very abstract tags on this site:

- Universe of Progress

This is where you'll find posts about humanity making progress. This could mean something as small as a new, exciting technology that could make lives easier. Or, it could mean a look at social progress or things we, as humans, seriously need to consider for the future.

- Into Horizons

Ah, horizons. It's a word that can encompass many things, which makes this the section that brings that "very abstract" naming convention into full bloom. Going into my horizons could mean many things. It could mean posting about things that align with my interests, like theme parks, it could mean posting some kind of travel diary as I'm broadening my horizons. Or it could mean going back in time to find the little nuggets of history that might expand your horizons.

- Swiftfilm

And finally, this is where I'll crosspost longer Swiftfilm articles, like movie reviews or other pieces on the content I'm consuming. You can head over and read them at Swiftfilm if you'd like, but it'll be here too.